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  • About Us

    InvestedGroup was formed in 2012, we consist of a group of professional that have worked with numerous companies over the years to help them achieve their success. Over the years we have established one of the largest networks of penny stock websites, email lists and social media contacts all to assist your company with its marketing goals. InvestedGroup is part of a network of sites that will help your company get in front of new investors, traders, brokers, analysts, institutional investors, journalists and professionals. At InvestedGroup we combine our years of experience in investor relations and stock promotion to get you the results you are looking for.  

  • New Projects

    Here at Investors Group we believe that being in the forefront of new innovative products and services keeps us a step ahead of the other firms. We believe that you still need the tried and true ways but also require an edge to keep you ahead of the competition. We are always looking for new ways to improve our network of companies, we currently have multiple sites running with even more to be completed in 2015.  Along with the numerous sites, we have also started working on a computer program and two apps that investors will be able to use on your smart phone and tablets. 2015 will be a great year look for big news in the following months.


  • Newsletters

    We deliver high impact targeted emails aimed at active investors, traders, brokers, market makers and professionals. We utilize the newest technology including social media, email campaigns, and online advertising to reach as many potential investors as possible. Our main goal is to deliver highly effective campaigns to the right investment niche.

    As part of our due diligence, we are always monitoring which lists are driving the biggest impacts for small-cap companies. Currently we follow more than 500+ newsletters in order to know which lists are effectively generating liquidity and positive growth for companies.


  • Past Results


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  • Social media

    Every time you turn around someone is talking about Social Media, why not have your company in the spotlight. At Invested Group we have developed a social strategy like no other, using the most active social sites match with our active social media pages we will help generate interest in your company.  At Invested Group we have staff that will work the social media sites though out the trading day to make sure your company message is getting out to millions of investors every month.


  • InvestedGroup News

    Keep tabs on the new projects were working on. Big Reach Media, Inc., is constantly building and growing our networks of sites and investors. New apps, programs and sites will be coming out shortly. for more information on projects and news from Investedgroup click here.


  • Distribution


  • Trading Groups

    Trading groups is one of the most effective way of reaching active traders, investors and brokers in real-time. Between Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Facebook and Skype groups we are able get you company in front of millions of group members the minute the company announces news, research reports, corporate profile updates or fillings.

  • Chat Rooms / Forums

    The traffic at forums and chat rooms is highly targeted and is one of the most effective ways of getting to investors in real-time, but for this to be an effective tool you require someone with persistence and the ability to work multiple forums at one time and be available to comment and reply to posts as they come in. This is a service offered by Investedgroup as part of an overall investor relations campaign to help the company achieve the results the company is looking for.


  • Web Design

    Having a modern, interactive corporate website while doing an aggressive ongoing investor relations program is an absolute necessity. Providing today's investors with up to date information using a wide range of new interactive techniques and programming attached with a modern and state of the art design will catch the investors attention immediately. We have a team of web designers, programmers and graphic design artists available to assist your company in reaching your web goals.


  • The Numbers Game

    Simply put, we use the email lists, social media outlets, contact lists and more that we have and built over the years and consistently use information your company issues to persistently send high impact communications to. Using multiple different types of information to get in front of investors will keep your company relevant and top of everyone’s watch list. Persistence will ultimately be one of our biggest tools we’ll use to ensure you company has the best chance of generating the results your looking for.


  • Interactive Monitoring

    Interactive monitoring is a tool that we use to keep our clients active in the eyes of investors or potential customers. We have a team of members that work throughout the market day posting, tweeting, commenting, chatting and re-tweeting and re-posting to ensure that everyone sees the momentum change in the amount of information available for investors. This ensures the companies information is in front of everyone each and every time new information becomes available.


  • Persistence

    This could very well be the single most important part of any investor relations program. Sending out an email or posting info on a company and leaving it and moving on, is basically wasting everyone's time and money. Repetition and persistence in making sure that your information is readily available for investors and making it that the company's name and trading symbol become a household name among traders and investor is going to be one of the biggest advantage your company will have.

    This is how we develop a large following for the company.

  • Our Network

    www.otcbull.com        www.emergingpink.com         www.pickalert.com

    www.hotpennytrades.com        www.otctips.com    www.otcgains.com

    to see all the sites please visit http://investedgroup.com/full_network.php.

  • Website coverage

    While marketing our sites constantly provides us with new investors to promote our clients to it also gets our clients in front of all existing and new investors coming on. Companies don't typically start marking campaigns without having something to share with the investment community. So website coverage provides and attractive way to present the companies activities from the corporate profiles to trading alerts due to volume and movement. This is another way InvestedGroup utilizes to attract new investors for our clients.

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